Dave McGrath




Last year, I drove through all 48 mainland states in 2 months. This summer, I am driving from Massachusetts to St. John’s Newfoundland, across to Vancouver, and back! Check out my schedule here, and if you can help me out with a place to stay or a show, contact me at davidhmcgrath@gmail.com. You can also support my trip and make a donation by clicking here. Thank you, can’t wait to see you Canada!


Dave McGrath is a writer, speaker, and standup comedian. 

Dave has published several books and blogs including his 365 t-shirt blog that won Worcester Magazine’s Best Local Blog award and helped him establish the non-profit organization Skating for Hope, dedicated to helping cancer patients who are in the middle of treatment.

Dave has also shared his story of dealing with Crohn’s Disease and brain cancer with thousands of people across the country.  His struggles with disease highlight the importance of early detection, overcoming fears, and using visualization to help achieve a desired outcome. When speaking at schools or companies, Dave has pledged to donate half of his proceeds to the charity of his audience’s choice.

As a comedian Dave has performed all over the United States.

He can be seen regularly at Dick Doherty’s in Massachusetts and his full schedule can be seen here.

To read more about Dave’s story or to contact him, please go to his about/contact page or see what the press has said about him here.